Openness ? Competition ? Development
                                VII BRICS International Competition Conference
                                100 Days Count Down

                                2021-08-01 12:56

                                The VII BRICS International Competition Conference (the “Conference”) will be held in Chengdu, Sichuan from 9 November to 10 November 2021, with the theme being “Openness ? Competition ? Development”. On 1 August, the Conference officially entered into its 100 Days count down.

                                The Conference invited representative antitrust authorities and international organizations around the world to participate. It is the only multilateral platform in the international competition community that is led by developing countries and emerging market countries. At the same time, it is also a crucial and pragmatic activity within the framework of the meetings between BRICS leaders and is profoundly influential in the international competition community. The Conference was co-initiated by the former State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China and Federal Antimonopoly Service Russia in 2009 and has been held on a bi-yearly basis in BRICS countries in turn. To date, six conferences have been held consecutively.

                                The main activities of the Conference include the opening ceremony, two plenary sessions, four sub-forums, roundtable discussions and the closing ceremony. Sichuan province will also hold related activities including “the 3rd China Pilot Free Trade Zone Co-Opening-up and Co-Development Forum” and “BRICS Countries Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum (Sichuan)”. The official symbol of the Conference is a “lantern” drawn by lines in colors representing that of the flags of the five BRICS countries respectively, symbolizing the unity and collaboration and mutual benefits among BRICS competition authorities which work together to maintain fair competition in the international market.

                                At the moment, various workstreams are being back scheduled and further accelerated, and significant endeavors are being made so that the Conference is an international grand event that encourages competition, presents achievements, contributes wisdom, expands opening-up, deepens cooperation, promotes development and enhances friendship.